Are you ready to pick up your guitar that has been lying around for ages and start learning some tunes? If so, then you are at the right place. We offer a number of guitar lessons for those who are interested in playing guitars.

Guitar lessons

Though these lessons you can learn about right hand techniques, rhythm, chords, scales, songs, etc. You will learn how to play acoustic, rock, electric, jazz or metal. You will learn simple and easy techniques. There will be regular practice routines so that you can keep on practicing.

Electric bass guitar lessons

Bass is a 4 string guitar. But it’s not easy to play. It is the foundation of every band. From our lessons you will learn about solid rhythm, how to slow down and learn the different parts well is essential in playing bass guitar. You will learn how bass and drum work together, how the lines are written, etc.

Music theory instructions

Learning the music theory is as important as learning the practical skills. If you want to improve your performance and be a better musician then you should learn the theory.

Vocal lessons

You will get different voice lessons, including various styles of singing. These include pop, country or rock music. You will learn how to control the dynamics, how to breathe, and how to change pitches. You will also learn how to coordinate your singing with your guitar style.

We offer a very competitive package for all these lessons. You will get special discount for taking multiple lessons. Please write to us to know how to get enrolled in our guitar lesson classes.