Top 5 guitarists of the last decade


The top 5 guitarists of the last decade played their guitar with style and some great techniques. They have transformed the way we listen to music today.

#1 Adam Jones

1His style was unique. He played techniques that sounded like sonic liquid.

He was able to induce a trance-like effect using most difficult rhythm patterns. He was a self-taught guitarist and had a classical music background.

He started off with violin at his early stage and then played bass guitar. He is also a photographer, makeup artist, animator and visual artist and effects designer.

#2 Slash

2Slash’s performance was just incredible, especially in ‘November Rain’.

He won the Best Guitarist award at the 2005 Esky Music Awards. Slash’s guitar technique is unique and new.

His talent is evident in his albums Slash (2010) and Apocalytic Love (2012).

#3 Jack White

3Songs like Seven Nation Army made Jack White famous. He was involved in the band The Racounteurs.

He is one of the hardest working musicians in the world. He released 9 albums on blues, country, rock n’ roll, roots, and other styles.

He uses his little finger to get to the high notes.

#4 Tom Morello

4His song ‘Rage Against The Machine’s bulls On Parade’ of Evil Empire album made him famous.

He again proved his worth in the Bruce Springsteen’s album High Hopes and 2012’s Wrecking Ball.

He is one of the best bass guitarists we have ever seen.

#5 Matt Bellamy

5He is known to have created the 13th Greatest Riff Of All Time.

He has his name written on the Guinness Book Of World Records for smashing the most guitars within one tour.

He smashed 140 guitars during the Absolution Tour in 2005.

So, here are the top 5 guitarists of the last 10 years who can be your inspiration for playing guitar. Many of them were self learners. They weren’t as lucky as you to have formal lessons. So, if they could achieve so much, so can you!