Top 4 latest video game soundtracks


The video games developed today are very sophisticated. They are like movies! The same action, thrill, and now soundtrack as well! No wonder people are so crazy about video games! The recent soundtracks of video games looked great! These are some of the best soundtracks of video games released recently.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Composer: Austin Wintory

The musical scores consist of electronic soundscapes, stoic chorales and grandiose dirges. This was a very playful score and matched the building-hopping heroes of the game perfectly.


Composers: Yuka Kitamura, Tsukasa Saitoh, and Nobuyoshi Suzuki

This musical is defined by silence, harmonies and actual rhythms. It music provides tranquility; at the same time terrifying action. The contrast between the two is amazing.

Super Mario Maker

Composers: Koji Kondo, Naoto Kubo, Asuka Hayazaki

This is such a creative piece of soundtrack. It has several interesting sounds like interaction cues, menu music, button noises, etc. This soundtrack is really unique.


Composer: Toby Fox

This soundtrack is very special and unusual. The relationships in the game are guided by an emotional musical core. Each of the music scores recalls the memory of the relationships from the game.

Some great composers created the soundtracks of the latest video games.These soundtracks make the games livelier. The composers have given a lot of effort in matching the music with the game’s sequences. They have given attention even to the tiniest details like clicking of a button, or closing of a door, etc. If you like any of these soundtracks, then you can download it and save it on your phone if you want to.