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In this site you will also learn about the greatest guitarists, best music records, and many more. But you’ll need to practice as much as you can to learn the skills.


Top 4 latest video game soundtracks


The video games developed today are very sophisticated. They are like movies! The same action, thrill, and now soundtrack as well! No wonder people are so crazy about video games! The recent soundtracks of video games looked great! These are some of the best soundtracks of video games released recently.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Composer: Austin Wintory

The musical scores consist of electronic soundscapes, stoic chorales and grandiose dirges. This was a very playful score and matched the building-hopping heroes of the game perfectly.


Composers: Yuka Kitamura, Tsukasa Saitoh, and Nobuyoshi Suzuki

This musical is defined by silence, harmonies and actual rhythms. It music provides tranquility; at the same time terrifying action. The contrast between the two is amazing.

Super Mario Maker

Composers: Koji Kondo, Naoto Kubo, Asuka Hayazaki

This is such a creative piece of soundtrack. It has several interesting sounds like interaction cues, menu music, button noises, etc. This soundtrack is really unique.


Composer: Toby Fox

This soundtrack is very special and unusual. The relationships in the game are guided by an emotional musical core. Each of the music scores recalls the memory of the relationships from the game.

Some great composers created the soundtracks of the latest video games.These soundtracks make the games livelier. The composers have given a lot of effort in matching the music with the game’s sequences. They have given attention even to the tiniest details like clicking of a button, or closing of a door, etc. If you like any of these soundtracks, then you can download it and save it on your phone if you want to.


3 most amazing rock records ever


Hundreds of records are being releasing every year. Some are never heard; whereas, some of them are remembered by people for a long time. If you are a rock music lover then you will never forget these most amazing rock records ever released.

#1 Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd


This album actually defines the total rock and roll. All the songs are just amazing; they speak about life and humanity. Some of the noted songs of this album are: Money, Us and Them, Brain Damage, etc. You can hear these still being played on classic rock stations.

#2 Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin


This is an awesome album. This is a pure rock album that people will love for many years to come. This album influenced many rock singers. It includes epic songs like Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, etc.

#3 Back in Black – AC/DC


This album is rock at it’s purest form. Despite the tragic death of the band’s lead singer Bon Scott, it did quite well. This album made more than $22,000,000 in sales and got into the #1 position in different top charts. Every single song of this album is just awesome!

If you haven’t listened to these classic rock albums yet, then you must get a copy of the album today. If you are a guitarist, then you will learn a lot about rhythm and style from these albums. People who are fond of rock music, will never forget these legendary albums.


Top 5 guitarists of the last decade


The top 5 guitarists of the last decade played their guitar with style and some great techniques. They have transformed the way we listen to music today.

#1 Adam Jones

1His style was unique. He played techniques that sounded like sonic liquid.

He was able to induce a trance-like effect using most difficult rhythm patterns. He was a self-taught guitarist and had a classical music background.

He started off with violin at his early stage and then played bass guitar. He is also a photographer, makeup artist, animator and visual artist and effects designer.

#2 Slash

2Slash’s performance was just incredible, especially in ‘November Rain’.

He won the Best Guitarist award at the 2005 Esky Music Awards. Slash’s guitar technique is unique and new.

His talent is evident in his albums Slash (2010) and Apocalytic Love (2012).

#3 Jack White

3Songs like Seven Nation Army made Jack White famous. He was involved in the band The Racounteurs.

He is one of the hardest working musicians in the world. He released 9 albums on blues, country, rock n’ roll, roots, and other styles.

He uses his little finger to get to the high notes.

#4 Tom Morello

4His song ‘Rage Against The Machine’s bulls On Parade’ of Evil Empire album made him famous.

He again proved his worth in the Bruce Springsteen’s album High Hopes and 2012’s Wrecking Ball.

He is one of the best bass guitarists we have ever seen.

#5 Matt Bellamy

5He is known to have created the 13th Greatest Riff Of All Time.

He has his name written on the Guinness Book Of World Records for smashing the most guitars within one tour.

He smashed 140 guitars during the Absolution Tour in 2005.

So, here are the top 5 guitarists of the last 10 years who can be your inspiration for playing guitar. Many of them were self learners. They weren’t as lucky as you to have formal lessons. So, if they could achieve so much, so can you!